I just finished my manuscript for a young adult novel entitled, POP. For six years I lived with an alcoholic stepfather. I loved him when he was sober and hated him when he was drunk. According to the recent stats at least one out of every five adults grew up in an alcoholic family. The first rule these children learn is “Don’t Aks, Don’t Tell.” I am hoping my novel will reach out to these kids and steer them toward some help. If a book containing real-life situations that a teen has gone through with an alcoholic parent were available, would you have read it?



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8 responses to “POP

  1. Linda Sprague

    Sounds so interesting but yet so sad. Hope it helps out many kids! Good job!

  2. Sonya

    How inspiring! I’m so proud of you! XO Sonya

  3. Jenny

    I am so excited to read it! So proud of you!!

  4. Liz

    So sad. Very touching story. This will help others Chris.

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