Blog Stats vs. Publishing

What do blogging and generated stats have to do with getting your novel published? Apparently, they go hand in hand. Today’s publishers want the author to have a platform (following) already in place. Authors are more responsible for the marketing of their book then they ever have been before. Some publishers request a Marketing Data paper to be submitted. This paper explains what the author will do (book signings, talks) and what kind of following they have already established. Having a blog with several hits and many subscribers will have a positive influence on a publisher taking your novel seriously. I will attempt to discuss the different aspects of growing up with an alcoholic parent in my blogs, to pique your interest in my novel, POP. Even if you did not grow up with an alcoholic parent, the chances are good that you knew someone who did. How would you help them?



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4 responses to “Blog Stats vs. Publishing

  1. Linda Sprague

    I feel this book would be very important to people like me. My parents were not drinkers but everyone has someone in their family or that they know that does. It may not even be drinking. It can be alot of different things. All addictions. Sharing is healing!

  2. Excellent post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thanks!

    • Shonna, I will post often. My novel, POP, is still unpublished. I am currently sending it out to publishers, hoping for a nibble. I grew up with an alcoholic step-father for six years of my childhood. He was a violent drunk. My little sister and I lived in terror and guilt for these six years. I have written this story in order to help other kids who might be living in a similar situation. As a child, I became remote, enclosing myself in an emotional and social brick barricade. I would not reach out for help, even if I had known how. I hope to change this for others. If I reach and help even one child, it will be worth it. Please continue to visit. Feel free to subscribe! Thank you for your interest.

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