I caught the tail end of Anderson Cooper last night showing a video of bullying. When I went to school, bullying existed. However, there wasn’t a social stigma attached to it. Each child was encouraged to “stick up for themselves”. My bully was at home. When my stepfather was sober he was a kind, loving parent. When he was drunk, he was the worst kind of bully. And, he was an adult, which made me powerless, as a child. Although he was abusive to my mother, he reserved sinister head games for my sister and me. As a survivor, I believe the physical bruises and hurts heal with time. It is the verbal abuse that stays with you. It could possibly haunt you for a lifetime. Since each afternoon and weekend were a fight for survival, it made my sister and me tougher. It made us into fighters, which is not a bad thing. However, like the victim in the video, “You start to not feel much of anything.” A big part of me feels like Bullying has become political. Politicians as running candidates, focus on putting down their opossition instead of highlighting their positive traits. Maybe we should start focusing on teaching our kids acceptance and compassion, instead of focusing on Bullying. And come on, adults, kids emulate what they see and hear. It all boils down to whose responsibility it is to change things. Lets start the trend today. Stick up for others. Don’t be afraid to get involved. Show compassion. Show acceptance. Start by showing it and teaching it to the bullies.



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2 responses to “Bullying

  1. Amanda Nevitt

    Very well said Chris..

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