Reality T.V.

Did you know that children of alcoholics tend to believe family television series are real? Not the actors themselves, but in the way “normal” families operate. As a kid, I believed regular families always cooperated or at least found a solution within 30 minutes or so. When a child’s homelife is so disfunctional, they believe t.v. families are the norm. I believed real life was like the Brady Bunch. I didn’t understand why adults weren’t so loving and considerate of kids in reality. I believed there was something wrong with me. Children yearning for a structured functional family life, draw conclusions and feelings from t.v. shows and believe that is how everyone else is living. In reality, everyone struggles and life is not so simple. But, how is a child living in day to day chaos to know that? Later, as an adult, I attended Adult Children of Alcoholic (ACOA) meetings and found this to be very common for kids in this situation. This faulty thinking is carried into adulthood and the individual still wonders why they can’t be “Normal” like everyone else on T.V. The bottom line is T.V. is not reality, life is.


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