My daughter has had the croup all week. After taking care of her, I woke this morning with a headache and protesting sinuses. I dreaded all the things I HAD to do today. I wanted to crawl back into bed and stay home all day. Then I realized what a difference! When I was a kid with an alcoholic parent, I went to school sick. I would have a temperature, wouldn’t eat all day, and felt lousy. But, I wouldn’t dare stay home. Home was not safe. I would rather spend a miserable day at school where I felt safe, then spend a day at home where I did not feel safe and couldn’t relax. I am so grateful and appreciative that HOME is a place where I can relax and feel safe, for me and my kids!



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2 responses to “Homesick

  1. Linda S

    This makes me feel so sad for you and what you went through!

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