Letting Go and Helping Others

Writing my novel, Pop, was therapy for myself. Although the stories were hard to relive, I felt much better putting them down on paper. I may be accused of not being able to let go of the past. However, my main objective for writing this novel is to help other kids who may be living in similar circumstances. During a childhood of living with an alcoholic parent, loneliness is crippling. In an effort to reach out to other children, I have bared my soul. No, I am not seeking attention or pity. I am proud of who I have grown up to be. I am appreciative for all that my disfunctional childhood has taught me. But, I believe it is imperative for survivors to reach out to others who may benefit from our own personal lessons. If I reach just one child, it will be worth it. I do not expect to become rich or famous from this book. I am working on other novels for the mainstream market. This book was a labor of love; to myself, my sister, and other kids everywhere who dream of being rescued from home.


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