McDonalds for Thanksgiving Dinner

My sixth grade year in November, we had (once again) packed up and ran from Pop. Mom, my sister and I were hiding with another guy, a friend of Mom’s. I believe he wanted to be more than friends, and Mom tried, but the feeling just wasn’t mutual. We only stayed for little over a week or two. However, during that time, it was Thanksgiving. After turning down my grandparents invitation, Mom decided it was best to hide out where we were. The bad part was that there still wasn’t any money. We ended up scraping together what we had and managed McDonalds for Thanksgiving. This is a strong memory, as it helped me to grow up just a little more. As a kid, McDonalds was great anytime. But, I remember missing the big meal and family. The three of us cried that day before finishing our meal and I never forgot that feeling. There is no substitute for family on the holidays.


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