Pets Share Everything

In my novel, Pop, I have two chapters on pets that we had. One was our dog, Tigger, and another was our parakeet, Budgie. Both pets were fun and entertaining. I soon learned that you could whisper anything you wanted to the dog, and he would never tell anyone what you said. I told him a lot. Pets definitely become part of the family and share in everything. Our pets shared in the abuse Pop dished out. The dog would get beat and he’d even thump the bird with his finger when he felt Budgie was not behaving correctly. Tigger had escaped from the house one day and my sister, me, and a friend were trying to catch him. The trouble was, Pop was drunk at the time. He was also in the yard, but was chasing the dog with a brick that he kept launching trying to kill our dog. I identified with the pets because they seemed just as helpless as I felt. They were dependent on the family, had no control, and were forced to endure anything that Pop dished out. Tigger had been a Christmas present one year; the best present we ever got. We had him for almost three years, when he just dissappeared. One day he was gone, and my sister and I looked all over for him. We never saw him again. Pop denied doing anything to or with him. We even questioned Mom and she denied anything happening to him, also. It seemed strange to me that he would just vanish one day. It was also strange that only my sister and I spent time looking for him. I tried to imagine he had escaped our family and found a better one, like I wanted to. It taught me to think of what was best for others, even though it may cause me pain. I tried to pretend that he was happy and content, yet deep down I suspected foul play. It’s one of those things that I may never know the answer to, but has taught me to appreciate pets. They share everything in the family.


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