Gut Reaction

It’s funny. Since I’ve been blogging to create a writers platform for my novel, Pop, I have almost the same kind of reaction/support that I had when growing up with an alcoholic parent. I have had the support of friends, some people that have said my writing has changed their perspective, and others who have turned a blind eye. Honestly, I have greeted people who I intuitively feel want to say something, but are wary. To these people, I say, don’t worry. Feel free to talk to me about it. Others have asked for advice. And to those of you who turn a blind eye. I do not feel any anomosity. I understand. After all, we all cope the best way we can. It’s called survival instinct. Some people will never understand, and some people understand all too well. It’s a gut reaction that will hinder your participation or move you to step forward. I would never judge a person for either response.


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