I really, really hate the “P” word. Patience is a virtue that I have never quite got a hold of. It’s tortue to work so hard on a novel, such as Pop and then have to be patient in receiving a response from a publisher. The first submission I sent out, took about five weeks to receive a standard rejection. My second submission went out the same day, and it has now been about four weeks of waiting. I have an easier time when I put everything into perspective and use Faith. I have faith that God has been with me throughout this whole writing journey. Too many miracles have happened during writing POP, to ever cause me to think that it is not destined to become a published book. I received the money for the second writing class as a gift, just in time to sign up. I asked a college professor to write an afterward, who had just recently (unknown to me at the time) received his own book contract. I wrote a letter to a teacher that had reached out to me in eighth grade, and received a wonderful phone call from him. Just these three things, have been such a surprising blessing, that I cannot give up. I must keep the faith that God has something further in store for this book.To me, faith is like the sun shining today. It may be cold outside, but the sun offers light and a bright outlook for the rest of the day. The promise of brightness and warmth is there in the future. I just need to be patient and wait for it.



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2 responses to “PATIENCE

  1. Worthy things often do not happen without a struggle.

  2. rudy r roger

    it will all be worth the wait. you will see.

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