Just Do It

The greatest failure is in not even trying. You have to take the risk in order to achieve something great. Easy words, all true, but also very scary for actually following through. At church this morning, I listened to a life testimony given by Jack Lambert. It was a great talk by a wonderful speaker. Afterwards, I asked him if he had ever taken speech classes. He told me he had not. I explained about my book, and the fact that when (not if) it gets published, I will eventually have to do book talks. For those of you who know me, I don’t need to explain my quietness. His advice to me is to do like the Nike commercials, and “Just do it.” I would love the opportunity to do a life testimony or a talk. God has been paramount in my life. Does my book have to be published first? I don’t think it matters. Although, I am anxious for publication, promotion, and talks, I am still anxious about it. What if no one believes me? What if I say the wrong thing? What if someone disagrees with me? What if they think I am boring? All of these concerns are plausible. But, without risking that, how will I ever reach the kids who may really relate and need to hear my story? I guess Jack is right. I need to Just do it.


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