Moving Again?

In my novel, Pop, I explain that during the six years we lived with our alcoholic step-father, we moved around 16 times. Although we only went to around 6 or 7 different schools, it seemed like we were always the “new kid”. This didn’t help my self-inflicted isolation of pretending to be invisible. The few times that I did make an effort to participate in school activities were soon squashed because of the constant moving. I took band lessons (drums) for two weeks in seventh grade before we moved. In sixth grade, I was the captain of the scholastic team “Battle of the Books” at Longfellow school. I really don’t know if we had to move due to difficulty paying the rent or from being evicted due to the violence or complaints. Maybe a mixture, but the end result was the same. The one mainstay I found was softball. I could pretty much join any summer league whenever we moved. I longed for stability and was jealous of the kids who had gone to the same school and had known most of their classmates since Kindergarten. Kids take comfort in stability and structure in their environment, including school. This was not available to me until I moved in with my Dad and stepmother when I was fifteen. I was able to stay at Princeville High School for all of my junior and senior year. It felt like heaven to stay in one place.



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3 responses to “Moving Again?

  1. i remember the one time we did move. it was very unsettling. i can’t imagine moving that many times. being the new kid stinks. you have done well coming through such challenging times. the road has not been easy though, i’m sure. it’s no wonder your spirit is so strong. i’m very grateful to have you as my wife and for your help guiding me through this life. i love you so very much.

  2. Liz

    These stories I read from you Chris are sad, Im sorry you had to go through this.It breaks my heart. As I read these stories, being a mother myself I can’t understand why your mother did not see what this was doing to you and your sister and leave this man to protect both of you from him. You have done so well to overcome all the hurt and pain this caused you in your life. Your such a good mother!! Love you always.

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