Practice makes perfect. In order to improve in my writing, I need to write every day. I am trying to enter writing conests, about one a month. I have never won anything, but it is great practice. I am working on a story right now for Memoirs Ink. When I was in grade school, my great-grandfather had a picture and an article appear in the Chillicothe paper for rescuing a Morning Dove. It was January and the bird could not fly or even hardly walk. He took him into his wood-stove heated garage and fed him. This allowed him to recooperate until warmer weather appeared. It also taught me a valuable lesson in respecting nature, and taking the time to care for others, no matter how small. Part of the reason that I enjoy writing so much is that I get to revisit these memories (good and not so good. Whether these memories are positive or negative, lessons were learned from all of them. My goal is to get a novel published, but in the meantime, I will be thankful for the pure joy of just writing and remembering. Practice makes perfect!



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2 responses to “Practice

  1. rudy r roger

    practice, practice, practice. success will come when you least expect it. hasn’t that always been when you stop and think about your life. carry on.

  2. amanda

    Keep up the good work..I agree with youe husband.

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