Strength in Siblings

In my novel, Pop, I try to convey my feelings for my sister. When living in a dysfunctional family, the role of siblings change. Not only do the children become the parent in many ways, they become the biggest support system for their other siblings. Since I was the eldest, I felt responsible for my sister. I became the only stable parent figure my sister had. She in turn, provided me with the strength to carry on each day. The very first chapter in the book is entitled “My Sister’s Eyes”. Simply by looking into my sister’s eyes, I could see her confidence in me and the trust and protectiveness that I provided for her. In seeing these attributes, I drew the strength to follow through with what I believed to be right. When living with an alcoholic parent, siblings become extremely close and supportive of each other. They still fight, that is natural. But, more often pulled together and strengthened and supported each other to survive. Lots of siblings will work together to go against a parent or to deceive a parent. Being in an abusive household, siblings join together to protect one another and maintain their well-being. For example, I am only two years older than my sister, yet she would ask my permission to go somewhere or do something. If I gave my permission, she was trusting and confident that I would clear everything at home. In another chapter I explain how we had to hide this aspect of our lives from other children. Imagine the funny looks when a girl asks her sister to go to a friends after school and pleads with her, like she is a parent. I felt even more embarrassed when I would answer her like a parent, giving her a time to return home and reminding her she had homework. Small aspects like this, make big changes in the siblings relationship. They rely on each other, and are often closer to their sibling than anyone else. I honestly believe I would not have survived my childhood without my sister. Since I did have her beside me, I was able to endure and survive. I will always be grateful to her, just for being there.


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  1. Sonya

    That’s a lot of responsibility for a little girl. I tell you what, thought, you did a great job. You are such “wonderful” girls; beautiful(inside and out). I’m blessed to know you.

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