Stay Back Until You Know it’s Safe

In my novel, Pop, I have explained that we moved several times. In one of the places we rented, there was also an alcoholic that lived upstairs. My sixth grade year we lived on Spring Street in Peoria. We lived in the downstairs of a house that was converted into a duplex. The woman upstairs told Mom that her husband was an alcoholic and warned her to be careful. Apparantly, one time when he was drunk, he had his gun out (yikes, another drunk with a gun…Pop had one, too.) and accidently shot a bullet through the floor. Needless to say, my sister and I were scared. When we knew he was drunk, such as shouts and loud thuds and things breaking upstairs, we would go outside if it was nice. If it was late or bad weather, we would inch around the rooms with our back against the wall. We figured there was a smaller chance of a bullet coming through our ceiling where there was a wall, as opposed to the center of the room. Thankfully, we never found out. Also, in the first chapter of the book, I describe my sister and I hiding in a closet while our step-dad yelled and was abusive to our mom. Is it no wonder that I compare it to hiding in a foxhole, seeking safety from the shrapnel and exploding missles in our home? There is someting to be said for peace, especially for two little girls caught in the crossfire.



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4 responses to “Stay Back Until You Know it’s Safe

  1. Liz

    Wow, that is scary… I would of never of moved in if the lady told me to watch out for her crazy husband expecally if I had two little girls…. The name of this novel bothers me… When I think of POP is reminds me of my father a great man that is missed dearly by all of us..

    • We did not meet the lady until after we had moved in. Too late! And, I know the title holds great joy for me. Finally, I got the real Pop that I wanted, as a father-in-law. He was the most awesome dad there ever was and I was so blessed to love him and be loved by him. Pop Roger was my wish come true!

  2. Excellent article, thanks.

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