Focus On The Family

     I saw a commercial on television the other day for a crisis hotline. Anyone could call in for help or just for someone to listen. The commercial offered several different scenerios; loss of a loved one, parental concerns, depression…etc. I’m glad this kind of service is offered, yet it saddens me. Where is today’s supportstructure? Where are the family and friends that we need guidance and sympathy from? In today’s society,why do we need a hotline available so that when we are in need of someone to listen, a total stanger will do it? I believe it is in a sense what we accomplish with facebook. We let everyone know our status, how we feel or what we are up to. We ask for prayers, likes, shares, or comments. Typing on the computer gives a false sense of security and sometimes we share more in our words than we would ever actually say to our 214 friends.  Keeping in touch via facebook or email is much easier and faster, but is it really keeping in touch with someone? Just how distant is technology making us? Maybe I should call the hotline and see if they know.


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