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Personally, I believe understanding goes hand in hand with forgiving. Until I was able to understand that my parents were not perfect (no one is)I wasn’t able to forgive them. I believe each person is just doing the best they can to get through life. Some people are better at it than others, some have better luck, make better decisions, or even have better attitudes. When you are a child, you believe your parents know everything and should be perfect. It takes maturity and your own short-comings to realize no one is perfect. Understanding this helps a person be able to forgive more readily. And, forgiveness is so very important. By not forgiving someone, you carry that burden like dead weight wherever you go. It doesn’t neccessarily hurt the other person, but it does hurt you. It really lightens your load to let go of the hurt and anger toward someone else. I am also a firm believer in praying for your enemies. This also lightens your load. When you are open and forgiving, your conscience is more free to accept the positive. It is easier to pursue your own happiness. The only person you can change is yourself. So, make it easier on yourself: FORGIVE.


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