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Crocus Writing

As each winter begins to fade, I wait anxiously for signs of the Crocus that I planted in my front yard. This flower is considered one of the first of spring blooms. After enduring the bitter cold winter, spring takes on a redemptive quality for me. The dull grey clouds and white frozen ground give way to sunlight and fresh greens. It’s an awakening for nature from it’s long winter’s sleep, and I find myself perking up as well.
Sunshine, fresh air, warmth, and budding plants fill me with hope and anticipation. Even the smell of an earthy spring rain jumpstarts my outlook. My days seem to be more purposeful, and my attitude more positive. I feel happier and more energized as if my life has a greater sense of balance.
As spring quickly approaches, I hope my writing will grow as well. As a struggling author, I still feel the icy winter wind in my work. I look foward to the day that my written word will bloom with the brillinat resiliance of a Crocus; ignoring the leftover chill of winter, stretching toward the warmth of spring, and accepting the beauty of just being me.



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